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Battle Scars

The blond lay, face-down, on the bed, chin pillowed on his lower arms. His hair, worn longer than that of most people he knew, was white, silky, and lying in a careless sprawl across the sheets and his pale, scar-lined back, and his eyes were half-lidded. The mattress dipped slightly as his partner lay down next to him, ruby-red fur brushing softly against bare skin.

Slowly, the part-raev, part-wyvern ran his fingers up along the human’s spine, his muzzle pressing against the side of the younger man’s neck. “When are you going to talk to me, Roxeen?” His voice was soft, holding as little edge as he could manage.  Sometimes there was no telling what the blond would take as an attack, and he didn’t want to drive him off again.

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Shell Game

The streets were bustling at the New Year’s Faire, with stands along the sides of the city’s main street, performers on miniature improvised stages in the center of the street at regular intervals, and people enjoying the holiday filling up most of the rest of the street. The area was crowded; ideal for pickpockets. And that was why Alej and his colleagues were there.

Normally, the half-fox, half-wyvern’s job wouldn’t take him into this kind of regular situations, but he had to admit it was a nice change of pace. Walking down the streets in plainclothes, on the lookout for pickpockets and conmen, was quite different from being responsible for the capture of cursed creatures such as werewolves or vampires when they stepped on the wrong side of the law.

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Tell You a Secret

Raven was still loading cans of soda and bottles of brightly-colored alcopop into her fridge when the doorbell rang. She cast a glance at the microwave oven’s time display and concluded that it must be her sister — Gail always arrived early, while the rest of her expected guests had long since accepted that Raven was never, ever ready on time. She stuck the last sixpack into the fridge, opened a bottle of alcoholic starflower fruit soda against the edge of the kitchen counter, and went to get the door, hips swaying in her tight black mid-thigh skirt.

True enough, it was her sister at the door, dressed in her usual almost prudish, old-fashioned manner, though with her wavy light brown hair hanging loose across her shoulders rather than tied back in some manner as was usually the case. The younger woman frowned slightly and pushed past her sister into the apartment. “You’re always late, Raven, even opening the door. And drinking already?”

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A Rainy Day

 It was not a good night. It was by no stretch of imagination a good night. The rains had apparently decided to start weeks earlier than what had been expected, he hadn’t bothered to bring a coat, his cell phone battery had unexpectedly gone flat, and now this. Roxeen glared, at once disbelieving and angry, at the mess of wires hanging out of the wall at the entrance to his upscale apartment complex where a key pad should have been. Just a fine night for vandals to strike.

His hair lay plastered against his body, already soaked by the lukewarm rain. Not that the temperature made it any more pleasant — it was still cold enough that he was shivering. All he could hope for was that someone with later habits than his own would be leaving the complex soon, not that it was likely.

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Can I Buy You a Drink?

 She had just been leaving the dance floor for a glass of water; she’d spent enough time in the hot, just-this-side-of-crowded club for her shirt to sport a damp shadow below her breasts, and a few stray strands of brightly colored hair were plastered against her forehead. It was pure chance that she’d notice the odd halfbreed at the bar, easily identifiable as a mix of wyvern and raev, but once she’d taken note of him, her eyes wandered. It wasn’t something she did often, but she could quite easily see herself picking that one up.

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