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Tell You a Secret

Raven was still loading cans of soda and bottles of brightly-colored alcopop into her fridge when the doorbell rang. She cast a glance at the microwave oven’s time display and concluded that it must be her sister — Gail always arrived early, while the rest of her expected guests had long since accepted that Raven was never, ever ready on time. She stuck the last sixpack into the fridge, opened a bottle of alcoholic starflower fruit soda against the edge of the kitchen counter, and went to get the door, hips swaying in her tight black mid-thigh skirt.

True enough, it was her sister at the door, dressed in her usual almost prudish, old-fashioned manner, though with her wavy light brown hair hanging loose across her shoulders rather than tied back in some manner as was usually the case. The younger woman frowned slightly and pushed past her sister into the apartment. “You’re always late, Raven, even opening the door. And drinking already?”

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Biology Lesson OR Why You Don’t Have Sex With Canids on a Deadline

Arvel had come over early to help Raven tidy up for the movie night, and had even been nice enough to offer to get groceries on the way, sparing her the trip that always seemed to eat through most of her afternoon, regardless of when she left work. As they finished up the last of the preparations Raven cast a glance at the microwave clock. It was probably the first time she’d ever been ahead of schedule, and it wasn’t just by one or two minutes, either.

“Look at the time!” she exclaimed in wonder, hugging Arvel to her side. “How’d that happen?”

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