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Love, Sweet Love

“You kids take care now!”

“Mum, we’re going next door.” Naiomi rolled her eyes and pushed her boyfriend out the sliding door ahead of her, onto the porch. “Good night now.”

The door shut, and the dark-skinned human girl shifted her bag higher on her shoulder. The faerie boy who had been with her already was heading across the backyard, leaping onto the four-foot fence and crouching there.

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For Old Times’ Sake

Dinner had been slightly uncomfortable; even if she knew about his difficulties with food Naiomi still remembered him the way he’d been when he still lived in Sihainne. And that Roxeen had been able to wolf down Islandic cuisine with the best of them. He had felt guilty when he’d picked at her cooking, which admittedly was far from the domestic disasters she’d mostly been capable of as a young teen. She had assured him that it was okay, that it had mostly been her own fault for not keeping the things he’d told her firmly enough in mind.

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