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Physical Therapy

“Ready to go home, Jeevi?”

The dark blue fox rose from where he had been curled up under a desk when he heard his name, stretching and yawning toothily before sticking his muzzle through the strap of a bag that had been leaned against the leg of that same desk and shrugging it down his neck where it came to rest securely against his chest. :Very, thank you, Pailine.:

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Shell Game

The streets were bustling at the New Year’s Faire, with stands along the sides of the city’s main street, performers on miniature improvised stages in the center of the street at regular intervals, and people enjoying the holiday filling up most of the rest of the street. The area was crowded; ideal for pickpockets. And that was why Alej and his colleagues were there.

Normally, the half-fox, half-wyvern’s job wouldn’t take him into this kind of regular situations, but he had to admit it was a nice change of pace. Walking down the streets in plainclothes, on the lookout for pickpockets and conmen, was quite different from being responsible for the capture of cursed creatures such as werewolves or vampires when they stepped on the wrong side of the law.

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As Things Turn on Their Heads

They were all gathered in the small steakhouse booth, squeezed in to make sure they’d all fit. There were half-wyvern and wyverns Linnéa and Tai!en, both there for their regenerative capabilities, faerie-draconian werefox and minor mage Liiz’vocal Quall, the surprisingly friendly nightmare nicknamed “Rust” by her colleagues, beastkin Taver with a sleepy barn owl soulbrother perched on his shoulder, stardust fox mind-mage Jeevi Sodalite, and the senior team member, human mage Pailine Tanner, a silver circle on the skin of her neck glinting in the dim lighting when she turned her head just so.

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