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Trial by Fire

The sound of running feet woke Myen; the sting of smoke in her nose forced her wide awake. Exhausted, she’d gone to bed still mostly dressed, so pulling on her vest, cloak and boots wasn’t a huge waste of time before she left her rented room and followed the trickle of people making their way down the stairs of the old inn building and filing outside to the courtyard with its cobble stones. Flames reached greedily towards the night sky from the thatched roof of the stable building, and she spotted her Steed outside, the mare’s tack miraculously in place and not in any way marred by the fire, herding other horses away from the burning building.

She could not, however, see her travelling companion anywhere.

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Easy Work, Tough Decision

 “You, come over here and open your mouth.”

Socks looked up from the kill-time task he’d spent most of the morning on, then obediently trotted over to the human who’d spoken. The paid farmhand was sitting on a fence, bringing him up to eye level with the half-centaur, half-horse hybrid. Born and bred a slave, the son of an unwilling debt-worker, Socks was used to obeying orders from humans, thinking nothing of the unusual instructions. Sure, the farmhand might be planning to play a cruel joke on him, some of them did, but that was their right.

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