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Spring Romance

 The blonde boy’s path to school took him through the park, which was surrounded by a fairly decorative fence with sturdy wooden gates. During parts of the year, someone or other let their flock of sheep graze there, and the fence and gates were there to make sure the sheep stayed. He’d walked that way seven days a week since he and his mothers had first moved to the medium-sized town, and returned the same path just as often, once the school day was done.

Never before had he ran into someone else from his school, however, and especially not the wyvern girl he’d been shyly studying from behind his long bangs for the last few months. She dangled her tail leisurely, sitting securely on the top of the gate and leaning just a little bit on one hand.

“Hi. You’ve been looking at me.” She smiled at him; she was stating fact, not attempting to confront him.

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